Title: La Gran Estafa

Label: Shotcallers Music

Catalog #: SCM-0115

Genre: Drum & Bass

Release Date: 8 June 2010

A nasty, four-track drum and bass EP from Santiago, Chile's Gunjack. La Gran Estafa (the hoax) is a drummers paradise with some sweet stabs. The nightmares that come out in the dark are 'straight nightmares' coupled with dirty synths, bass drops and all the good stuff you expect. This is the least gritty track on the EP with an asian flute sound drifting hauntingly in the background coupled with a Japanese name we probably can't spell correctly. Crossover is great enough to have been it's own single but we'll let you in on all its glory. Hear for yourself.


  • La Gran Estafa
  • Nightmares
  • Sitsune No Kai De
  • Crossover


This release is featured on Label Worx' Drum and Bass Essentials Vol 1 compilation (UK) due out Oct 25, 2010.