lyanovsk, Russia

Alexey Lehmanov, producing and performing under the name, JudgeVal grew up in Ulyanovsk, Russia. He has been writting music since 2006, primarily Drum and Bass, Liquid Funk and Neurofunk. Influence was rendered by electronic music pioneers including The Prodigy, Sub Focus, Spor etc.  Alexey was drawn to these veins for their mad speed, broken rhythms, with sawing basslines.
Alexey's first started his life adventure with music at age 15 and has ended musical school and has since ventured into expanding his skills with computer music. Alexey and a friend got their first experience producing jingles and commercials for radio. He soon expanded his DJing and then onto production and has never looked back since.

Alexey has been rocking large clubs in Russia and has had the privilege to participate in some EDM festivals. Participants of festival have given nothing but positive feedback and Alexey's crosshairs are now pointed West. The dream to act on one scene with world stars.

Now signed with Journees Music sublabel, Shotcallers, those dreams are even clearer.