"When I started putting out wax in 2000 I was always anxious to put my voice on the B-sides. Ever since "The Exit Sign" on the flip of the GUNJACK COLLECTORS SERIES rapping has been a fire in my gut. Everything I put out since then and including that last r&b record on Skream's label, has been leading up to an eventual shift into rap." - Brian Gibbs
Whether as Gunjack, Echo Park or Mr. Mcfly, 
B. Gibbs is known around the globe for uncompromising and quality electronic music. With more than 100 vinyl releases under his belt and countless jots around the globe, Brian has finally settled into rap music in a time when most emcees are trying to go electronic.
"When I heard all the recent, sorry verses by big names over cheesy, dance beats I felt an almost physical need to go record some real hip hop music to fill the void."